Automation Phat inputs


Hi.1st post went in general chit chat, I’ve just bought one to monitor 2 relay contacts using home assistant, but on testing it is missing about 1 in 10 input changes. Also neither of the input leds are lighting up, should they ?


Out of interest, how have you wired your relay contacts to your automation phat?


I haven’t yet, for testing i have used a toggle switch between a 12v battery and input 1, then connected the negative to the Phats ground term


I am not sure how sensitive the inputs are to “floating” or left unconnected. When you turn off the 12V signal, try connecting the input 1 to ground. Don’t forget to unconnect the input from ground when switching the 12v signal back on.


I do have some resistors , could try tying the input to ground, any idea why none of the leds light up ? Or would they only work using its own software ?


Pull down resistors might work. Is it the Automation pHAT or the HAT? I don’t see LEDs on the pHAT. The HAT LEDs as far as I understand (but I can be wrong), are driven by a separate control chip that accepts signals via the I2C bus. The Pi might need the automation hat software installed for the LEDs to work however I have no idea if the software is compatible with the Home Assistant image.


Seems there might be a bug in the home assistants code, that can miss gpio input changes, will have to think of another way to monitor my relay, thanks for the help