Automation Hat and 220v relay

Hello, I’d like to create some sort of intelligent switch using a Pi 3 and an Automation Hat, in order to remote control some generic home appliances (lights, electric bed heater, etc). These are powered directly from the home grid, so 220v.
I’m wondering if the Automation Hat is the right choice or if other kinds of relays/hats are best suited.

Automation §HAT is 24V tolerant (2A load max), so definitely not designed for mains powered appliances.

A solution would be to use something like the beefcake with a logic switcher:

That said, I’m sure that if you look around you’re bound to find something designed with the Pi in mind, but be sure to read the specifications carefully and grab something suitable for the voltage and load you want to hook up!

Thanks for confirming what I thought!
I’ll have a look around for other components