Control external relay with automation hat

Hi all !
I’m using the automation hat-mini to control a 12v water pump using the relay.
I also need to control a 220v air pump, and since the automation hat is not 220v tolerant, I need to use an external relay.
But, the automation hat mini sits on top of all the GPIO of the raspberry PI. Is there any way I can use the other pins of the automation hat to control an external relay ?

Thank you and happy hacking !

I use a different 220V-capable relay HAT, but the docs and photos show GPIO 25 passed through on the board. Maybe use that to control your external relay?

Thank you for the reply, but that’s the automation HAT . The mini doesn’t has the GPIO 25 ! :D
Maybe I can use one of the analog pins…

Solved it !
I’m using the outputs to control an external relay. Using the automation hat mini for the relay and the OSD.
Thank you

:rubs eyes: Sorry, missed the “mini” part. Glad you found a solution.

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