Automation hat extra GPIO pins?

Hi, I’m a beginner into this.
I need to add 3 things to a PI:
RFID reader, (got one, it’s using 5 gpio pins)
CT clamp sensor (to monitor amps), can output volts or mA.
Ability to control 1 relay
Ability to control a 2-lines display.

I like the specs of the automation hat, but would that let me add my other devices ?

Thanks !

The pinout is here,

Without specifics on the RFID Reader and display, like what interface they use, i2c etc. Its hard to say what will work and what won’t.
I’m guessing the display is a 16 by 2?

Thats probably doable, you may have to switch which GPIO pins it uses and adjust the code to match etc though. Or use an i2c converter to simplify things and make hookup easier.