Automation Hat Fail Safe Question


I have a question about the Automation Hat. Does it have any internal watchdog functions to monitor the state of the Raspberry Pi? I will be using it to run an actuator, and I need to protect the system in the event that there is a Raspberry Pi hardware malfunction OR if the Python code freezes. Will the relays go to a failsafe mode if the either of these events occur? I need to make sure the actuator turns off if the Pi hardware or Python code freezes up while it is in motion. I see in other posts where the relays will turn off if power is lost, but I want to verify if they will turn off if there is a hardware/software malfunction with the Pi still powered up.



Nope, there is no watchdog or any other functionality suitable for handling a failsafe scenario. You would need to place a microcontroller between the Pi and Relay in order to accomplish this and have the Pi “ping” it periodically to reset a watchdog timer.