Automation HAT mini control of display

Hi there …
Need application and Python 3.7 examples for the built-in i2c display.
mounted on RPI 4
Address is 0x48 acc to i2cdetect.

Also would like to know more about the library.
Thanks :0) TC1

This is the display used, 0.96" SPI Colour LCD (160x80) Breakout – Pimoroni
On the Automation Hat Mini it uses SPI0 CE1

# Create ST7735 LCD display class.
disp = ST7735.ST7735(

Automation HAT Mini at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

These examples will work with the above settings.
st7735-python/examples at master · pimoroni/st7735-python (

It’s also used on the Enviro, Enviro+ and Grow.

The Automation mini github page is here, GitHub - pimoroni/automation-hat: Python library and examples for the Pimoroni Automation HAT, pHAT and HAT Mini