Automation Hat Mini remote GPIO

Does anyone know if it’s possible to use remote GPIO with the Automation hat mini? And if it’s not possible, is there a different A to D converter that would work with being connected to a Pi Zero and then transmitting the result to a Pi 4?

What exactly do you mean by remote GPIO? The Automation Mini doesn’t have any kind of microcontroller on-board, so it needs to be attached to some sort of control board. If you just need a remote measurement of a voltage to be sent to your Pi, then you might be better using something like an ESP32. They have an on-board ADC which might suit, depending on the voltage you need to measure, and also have WiFi on-board.

I do believe he wants to control and get info from the Pi Zero - Automation hat Mini, from the Pi 4 over his LAN. I don’t have any suggestions though.

Yes, that’s what I want to do. The Hat has got some A to D converters in it and I want to be able to read their values over a wifi network on another Pi.

I see MQTT mentioned quit often here. I have zero experience with it just so you know.

Search results for ‘MQTT’ - Pimoroni Buccaneers

MQTT - The Standard for IoT Messaging

Thank you, that’s a good starting point.