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Hallo Team,
ich möchte das AutomationHat Board mit Gambas verwenden und suche hierzu Libs in C oder Python Libs *.so wo kann ich hierzu Unterstützung und Beispiele finden ?

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Just so you know, most people on this forum speak English, so you might get few responses in German.

Pimoroni’s Python library and examples can be found on their Github page, I don’t think they have C/++ libraries for the HAT. However, the sn3218 and ads1015 chips which the HAT uses are fairly common, so someone else might have made a C/++ library for them (try searching Githuib, or searching for “sn3218 arduino”).

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I want to use the AutomationHat Board with Gambas and search for Libs in C or Python Libs *.so where can I find support and examples ?

I have to apologize, I started from a german translated page. My question was, I want to use the Pim213 board with Gambas (basic language). I have had good experiences with Python and now want to work with Gambas. I come from the Windows world and have worked a lot with Visual Basic. There I worked with DLLs written in C. I think this is the only way to communicate with the Pim213. Is a *.so file (“Shared Object” analogous to a Windows DLL) available? Or another library written in C ?