Badger 2040 - Badge Image not right

Been playing with the Badger for a few days and got to this step:

This image needs to be exactly 128 pixels tall and 104 pixels wide - we’d suggest resizing your image before converting it with a graphics program like GIMP

But seems no matter how I convert it, the image does not come out correct.

I have used GIMP to convert the image so is the pixel size off or something?

Not sure what is happening here.

I’ve been having that for a few hours.

I finally figured out that I was resizing my pictures to be 128 pixels wide, and 104 tall, instead of 104 wide and 128 tall.

The software I was using to resize asked for width before height, but the instructions are height before width.

I figured it out by looking at the aspect ratio of the actual picture space on the badge.

It’s worth checking you’re not using the --resize tag when running the conversion script too as that will stretch the image back to the size of the whole screen.

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thanks my issue has been fixed.

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Yeah, I mis-read the tutorial first time around and had used the --resize flag, removing that resolved it for me when I saw this behaviour.

Thanks for that.

That was also my issue, now that I have it 104 wide by 128 tall, it works just fine!


Awesome, I’ll switch round the width / height in the tutorial so hopefully that’s less likely to trip folks up (looks like I had it the other way round to both GIMP and Photoshop, oops).