Badger2040 image size always full width (using

I’m using Thonny with to prep my images.
I seem to always get a full width badger image (296 x 128 pixels)

With this line in the shell: , I get a full width badger image, even though my source image is 128 x 128 px
%Run --resize --binary JTheadshot128x128BW_2.png

When I remove the --resize, I’m still getting a full width badger image (same source image 128x128 px), AND the upper few rows (upper third) of the image is scrambled
%Run --binary JTheadshot128x128BW_2.png

Any tips? I’m new to this and I thought I was following the intro blog carefully.
Thank you

That’s weird - can you send a screenshot/photo of the output you get from Thonny when you run

Are you trying to prep an image to use with the badge example? If so you’ll want your image to be 104 in width and 128 in height.