Badger 2040 Font Selection/Battery Indicator Troubleshooting

Hello. I am new to Python but have managed to learn how to change images, my badge, qr codes, and text but the only thing I cannot seem to change is the font style. I’d like to have a uniform font style for all scripts and not just my badge. I checked the github and have downloaded all scripts available there and have figured out how to tweak font size but not the style
I also have a LiPo battery that powers the unit but when attached the battery icon does not display power level. It is currently showing the battery with a line through it as if plugged in to the computer.

Thank you in advance!

Fonts are the big weakness of the graphics library supplied by Pimoroni. You are limited to a few bitmap and vector fonts supplied with the lib (and to a subset of characters).

If a nice textual appearance is a must for your projects, I recommend switching to CircuitPython. You can use just any truetype-font you want. You must invest some steps to convert the font you want to the correct format (and point-size), but that is well documented and only takes a few minutes.

This is an example using DejaVuSans-Bold in two different font-sizes:

Note that fonts take up a lot of memory, so it is not feasible to use many different font/fontstyles at the same time.

Thanks I will take a look at that. For the fonts that are already supplied how do I change to one of them? When I go to the fonts it just displays what it looks like