Badger2040 "c" button sends "b" press

I received my Badger2040 recently and I think it might be malfunctioning.

When I press the c button to open the app in the 3rd column, the middle app is opened instead.
In the “list” app, pressing c checks an item, as does pressing b.
Both the combos a+b and a+c will close an app.

This happened out of the box, so I flashed w/ latest firmware (pimoroni-badger2040-v0.0.4-micropython-with-badger-os.uf2), but I’m still experiencing the same issue.

Any ideas what the issue could be?

My guess would be that two of the pins on the RP2040 are being connected that shouldn’t be - if you have a good camera or a magnifying glass you should be able to peer at the RP2040 on the rear of your Badger (it’s a big square chip with a raspberry printed on it) and see if you can spot any strings of solder bridging between the pads?

I couldn’t spot any obvious shorts, but some pins were much much closer together than others. I checked with a very cheap microscope and was able to get some decent pictures with an iPad as well.

I made sure to triple check pins 15, 16, 17 (GPIO 12, 13, 14) in the bottom left corner that correspond to BUTTON_A, BUTTON_B, and BUTTON_C.

Due to new user limits, I’ve embedded a single image that clearly shows the pins referenced above, and I’ve created a gist that contains images of the other sides of the board.

Thanks for those!

I can’t spot anything that looks obviously awry there - if you have a multimeter handy you could check the pins in question for shorts? Sometimes there can be tiny strings of solder between the pins causing connections where they shouldn’t - holding a hot iron between (not touching) the solder joints in question usually gets rid of these.

If you don’t have any luck figuring out what’s causing the problem, no worries - sounds very much like some sort of hardware fault to me so support should be able to sort you out with a replacement: Submit a ticket : Pimoroni