Badger2040 new directories for images

I have found a very good tutorial on how to modify the to add new icons for personalized image galleries.
I am trying to add one custom image gallery. I have added my icon to the default icons image,converted it into a new and added my new gallery under the launcher examples.

I have downloaded the latest and modified it to create my custom gallery. Renamed it the same as the gallery I am trying to access. If I run the modified image script it works but when I try to call it from the launcher it doesn’t open the gallery,just keeps resseting the badger.
Any idea what am I doing wrong ? I am using the latest stable version of OS.

I am having the same trouble. Great tutorial by thoughtasylum, but I can’t seem to get it to open unless I run it through Thonny.

I think I’ve figured it out and didn’t see your reply. Go into the “state” folder and delete launcher.json. Don’t worry,it’ll get created again. It’s been a while since I’ve fixed it,but I am pretty sure that was it.

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