Badger firmware update issue


I have decided to update one of my Badgers from 1.19.14 to the newer OS version. I’ve tried v0.0.4 to 0.0.1 with the same issue:
I create a directory for images(apart from the default one).
I modify the to read images from that directory.
The Badger hangs when trying to operate the buttons.The LED stays lit and all buttons are dead. If I reset,the side buttons would cycle once or twice through the menu but then hang with the LED lit.
I’ve tried to nuke it a few times,same result after reload.
The 1.19.14 and 1.19.16(as far as I can tell) work fine but not the new versions.
What am I doing wrong ? The directory created has only one image(the default badger) and the modified is only calling that directory. I haven’t done any other mods.
Thanks for your time.