Badger2040W firmware hangs

I just got my Badger W and tried updating it, only to find that it hangs up a lot: I wrote it up in this bug report.

On here I saw this report which sounds very similar to the issue I’m seeing. On the strength of that I tried 0.0.1, but found the same issue - I can launch one app, once after flashing, and that’s it, and the right hand side buttons don’t work at all.

Given that I can use the micropython images ok, is there some diagnostic I could run to check the status of the RTC? I’m in France, and I’d really like to avoid sending it back as I know that duty and VAT will cause issues (it cost 25€ on top of the purchase price & shipping to get it here!).

Curiously all three of 0.0.1, 0.0.2, and 0.0.3 seem to use around 40% of storage on the Badger, yet when I first powered it on it reported only 23% used, suggesting that the OS originally installed is not one of the images available on GitHub.