Badger 2040w Kinda Bricked

Hi. My Badger 2040w stopped responding so I decided to use the nuke uf2 and replace the firmware with pimoroni-badger2040w-v0.0.4-micropython-with-badger-os.uf2. However, all that happens is the LED next to the heart comes on permanently. Nuking and replacing with a vanilla Pimoroni Pico FW works but is obviously missing libraries. Any idea what could be going on?

Have you tried the version without the badgeros stuff (pimoroni-badger2040w-v0.0.4-micropython.uf2), just to narrow down whether it’s an issue with the firmware or the extra stuff?

Sadly exactly the same with the non-badgerOS version.

Hmm, shame. Does thonny connect to it at all? What OS are you on?

It only connects if I have the ‘stock’ Pimoroni firmware loaded. I’m using Visual Studio Code on macOS.

I think I found the problem. Connected QW/ST connector had shorted two pins into one hole. I’m guessing that caused a fatal problem. Thanks for your help.

The Dedicated RTC chip (PCF85063A) uses i2c. The shorted QWICC pins likely caused an IO error on the i2c bus, and brought things to a halt, software wise.
The stock uf2 wouldn’t be using i2c out of the box and thus wouldn’t crash.