Pico display pack V2 bricked

I just had an issue with Display pack V2. Thought I would try the new uf2 from Pimoroni - I have a pico lipo attached to the display and so - pimoroni-picolipo_16mb-v1.19.5-micropython.uf2. seemed like a good idea

Tried a couple of the new examples and the display seems to have bricked. The LED still lights up as the program runs but the display is now blank. Tried resetting and then tried nuking the UF2 and reloading an older version of Pimoroni UF2 - right back to V1.18.6 and the screen remains blank. LED still works but nothing on the screen.

I just flashed my Pico Lipo 16mb with Pimoroni’s 1.19.5, it has a Display Pack V2 attached. No issues here. I didn’t flash nuke mine as I wanted to retain the other files stored on it. Once the flash was done it rebooted and ran my main.py just fine.

The LED will light up a dim white with power applied and no code running. I think the screen backlight comes on too?
Also, you may have issues trying to run new Pico Graphics code on the older uf2 files. And vice versa, older examples may not work with the new Pico Graphics uf2 files.
Any error messages in Thonny?

Yep. Thanks for that. My original post describes what I did. New uf2 so I ran new examples. No errors showing on Thonny. Nuked it. Put old uf2 back on and tried my old scripts. One of which was a Rainbow.py demo for the older uf2. LED goes through the rgb colour changes but Display stays blank. Hence the title of my post.

Hoping someone would have any experience or thoughts.

Ok, thanks for the clarification / confirmation on what you did. I’d double check the soldering on the Pico Lipo. And try that display on another Pico, if you have a spare.

I’ve also flashed a Pico that has a V1 Pico Display with 1.19.5. It’s working just fine also. I have no idea why yours has stopped working?