Pico VGA Base: Can't Get it to Work

So I got the Pico VGA Demo base and I can’t demo it at all. I tried compiling all the examples in Raspberry Pi’s pico-playground repo, and copying the UF2s over, but nothing displays on the screen. I can’t even tell if the board is getting power (is there a power light that I’m missing). Is there a UF2 file that someone has precompiled for the board that I can try to see if it is a hardware problem?

OPS, I may have messed up. You have the VGA demo board not the display pack, sorry about that. I’m not sure if the Pimoroni uf2 file has the VGA Demo stuff in it? This is if your coding in Python not C.

Go here, there is a link to the Pimoroni uf2 file that has the bits for most of the Pimorni addons.
Getting Started with Raspberry Pi Pico - Pimoroni Yarr-niversity
This is the uf2 file you “might” need. Can’t hurt to try it.
Releases · pimoroni/pimoroni-pico (github.com)

Make sure you have the male headers soldered on the right way on the PICO, and that its plugged into the VGA Demo Board with the correct orientation.

The board is definitely soldered correctly as it is the one I bought from Pimoroni as pre-soldered. I’m talking about the C files as that’s where the video scan is. I have no way of telling if the board even works as it has no power light. Is there anything I can do to demo it?

I think all of the demo code is on the Raspberry Pi Github. If you’re not getting compile issues then I guess that suggests it’s fine? Are you sure your VGA cable is good and the monitor is set up right? There have been a couple of people on Twitter who have used it, maybe ask one of them for a compiled uf2?

You may forget adding the cmake option:
cmake -B build -D"PICO_BOARD=vgaboard"

Anyway, I uploaded my uf2 files here. Hope it helps
(do not use Chrome, because it blocks downloading zip files.)

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