PLEASE HELP: Pimoroni Pico Display Pack 2.0 not working any more

I have this script ( running on a Pico WH connected to a Pimoroni Pico Display Pack 2.0. It gets a wish and displays it on the display.
All was good. But then I reconnected it again to my windows pc and the display was black and the LED is red. I even flashed it new with bootsel pressed but thonny shows my old files and not a blank system. Nothing is working any more.
Please help me.

If you flash nuke it, it will erase everything and wipe it completely clean.
Raspberry Pi Documentation - Raspberry Pi Pico and Pico W
You can then re flash it with the custom Pimoroni Micro Python uf2. There won’t be any to autorun, and mess things up.

Nuke and new flash was successfull but the display still is black and the led is red. when I press against the display I saw something shortyl It seems buggy

I would remove and re attach the Display Pack, and see if that helps.

It was not completely pressed in - I was to shy to push it hard in - now it works - thanks

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Nice, I like it when its a relatively easy fix.
I try to press on the actual circuit board, not the screen. I go for the corners. Less chance of breaking the LCD screen that way.