Pico Display Pack 2.0 not working

After finding that the pico GFX pack will not be avalable for a while I decided to buy the Pico Display Pack 2.0
When I plugged it in however to load up one of the demos the screen displayed random colours.

Any suggestions?

Double check that its on correctly, and firmly seated to the Pico.
Did you solder the headers on the Pico? Or was it a “with headers” version?

I got the with headers and it is in correctly…

What uf2 file did you flash to the Pico?

Any error messages in Thonny?

Thonny is correctly sending the file to the pico. The pico is also working as I set it up to turn its led on and off and it works

I just flash nuked my Pico Lipo 16mb, and reflashed it with the pimoroni-picolipo_16mb-v1.19.12-micropython uf2 file. I had backed up my main.py file before hand. Loaded it back on and all is well. Pico Display Pack V2 showing weather related info and graphics.

Wanted to make sure there wasn’t an issue with the latest uf2 file.

I think it may be a issue with the screen not the pico. Maybe one of the pins is not working? I will have to get a replacement

Have you double checked the Pack is fully pushed on to the Pico pins? It can be easy to only have them part way on, and end up with a less-than-100% connection.

The connectors are correct. I will have to get a replacement