Did I kill my Badger2040?

Because completely reading the instructions is the SECOND thing you do :-) I’m wondering if I’ve managed to brick my Badger. In an effort to update it, I believe I uploaded the wrong .uf2 file. No satisfying green light when I apply power. Did I kill it or is there a super-secret way to bring it back to life?

Re flash it with the correct uf2 file, and it should be fine.

What @alphanumeric said. If I remember right the bootloader on the Pico is actually hard-wired into the memory, so short of frying the chip there shouldn’t be any way to hard-brick it.

Failing that, flash it with the Flash Reset UF2 file which should totally scrub any program on the chip, including C/Python firmwares.

Using the flash reset and then installing the latest worked! Thank you all!