Badger2040-pystub - A Python library providing badger2040 typehinting and more for your IDE

I was frustrated with how convoluted a badger2040 MicroPython project can be (plus I wanted to use a real IDE like PyCharm and not Thonny), so I ported the badger2040 package API docs into a package you can install onto your local development environment to provide typehinting, function descriptions and args, badger2040 constants, and more.

PyPi: badger2040-pystub · PyPI
Github Source: GitHub - V3ntus/badger2040-pystub: Python stub file for the badger2040 module. Contains some documentation and ports from the CPP/C headers
Install: pip install badger2040-pystub

Note: This library is only intended to be a stub file for your IDE so you don’t have to go back and forth from the API docs.

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