Badger 2040 and PyCharm not seeing badger2040 module

Hello! I’ve just received my Badger2040 today and I’m excited
Thonny works great, but I like my beloved PyCharm much better. I’ve installed the MicroPython plugin, but no matter what I choose (Pyboard or Pico), I’m not able to get the badger2040 module to properly index in my IDE, and that’s quite inconvenient. I found the badger2040 modules in the pimoroni GitHub, but not sure how to build them so my IDE can see/use them.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Since I was only looking for docstrings/typehints (and for PyCharm to stop yelling at me with “module not found”), I just ported the documentation and stuff from the c++/c headers to a Python stub. GitHub - V3ntus/badger2040-pystub: Python stub file for the badger2040 module. Contains some documentation and ports from the CPP/C headers