Battery powered wifi time lapse camera


I need to build a time lapse camera that can be accessed over wifi but at the same time is battery powered. Ideally it should be able to run off a battery power source for several weeks and preferably months without being attended to. I’m new to this game and would appreciate the input of the wise ones on this forum on how it can be done.
There are commercial versions already available but they write to SD card however we need to be able to access the data remotely to analyse it without accessing the camera physically. Also it will not be in an environment where we can supply mains power as that would be just too easy!!

Many thanks


Size / complexity are going to be your main limitations, long life = large battery or battery / solar combo. it’s a bit easier to do scheduled broadcast, but that means more power and a back end to receive it automatically. wifi if it’s always in range, or even LoRa, check into cellular if it’s not, but is still in a covered area (just be aware of cost)

very remote or remote w/o cellular, manual wifi collection is the way to go, but that means more power for something to listen for a connection that can’t sleep, or you have to time collection of data to a wake cycle

you’d think there was a automated premade solution with the demand for remote monitoring, but no

I spied this on Twitter. I haven’t seen anything official though.

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