Battlestar Chronometer


Back with another blinky PCB, this one is a little bit more involved:

It’s my attempt at a replica of the countdown display from Battlestar Galactica so here it is showing the time:

I’ve done a couple of blog posts about the process if anyone is interested.


Super cool! Well done!
What is driving the LEDs? Which micro controller / board?



A Raspberry Pi is driving 3 HT16K33 breakout boards via a logic level converter.

Probably a little overkill as each can drive 128 LEDs but I wanted to be able to set the brightness of each ring.


Nice! The code is using Python I guess?
What are you going to do with the project? What are the next steps?


Yeah all in Python. I do want to mount it in a case but currently the 3D printer is broken and the wiring needs sorting out to make it a bit slimmer. May have to get a motherboard PCB fabricated. It’ll go on the back burner for a little while so other projects get a bit of time.