BBC micro:bit and MP3 playing

Hi. As far as I can tell, the micro:bit has no MP3 playback capabilities. I think this is a shame, since kids love music, but I can see why the limited device wouldn’t be able to have much onboard storage anyway.

So that’s fine. But does anyone know if there’s a simple way to get a micro:bit to trigger the playback of short MP3 samples? The ideal would be the ability to trigger specific samples, but failing that, just being able to play 2-3 second samples in random sequence would be fine.

The only thing I can think of is to hack open a cheap MP3 player, solder wires to the play/pause and skip buttons, and attempt to trigger those off the micro:bit.


You’ll want something like this.
It’s what it is built for. Although depending on how you want to do the triggering it maybe all you need.