Waiting for micro: (BBC micro:bit and Bluetooth communication)

Is there a support group for those of us who are obsessively thinking about the BBC micro:bit, weeks before we can get our hands on one?

If there are some Buccaneers who have had access to (their kids’) micro:bits, it’d be nice to get inspiration from your projects. Especially if they relate to other Pimoroni goodies.

One of my first projects, upon receiving the micro:, is for an accelerometer-based controller for music played on a Raspberry Pi. Been experimenting with the Skywriter HAT, which is great fun. But a battery-powered micro: would be even more ideal in terms of size and manœuvrability. Controlling a granular synthesis Pd patch through the Skywriter is a neat trick. Shaking a micro: to drive musical improvisation would be another thing altogether.

Anyhoo… Just trying to keep my mind off the micro:bit… by talking about what we could do with it.