Blinkt Install with OSMC

I would like to install the required files to get my Blinkt working with OSMC, does anyone know how to get the required files installed to get this working as the provided installer gets an error when I try to run it.

“curl | bash”

Error -
bash: line 294: ip: command not found

You might have to try step-by-step instructions, since OSMC is in no way configured to support GPIO as far as I’m aware.

What does sudo apt-get install python-rpi.gpio result in?

You may want to see:
And the linked thread:

Regarding adding the Raspberry Pi apt repository, so you can bring down the necessary packages.

After which you may be able to do:

sudo apt-get install python-blinkt

Assuming OSMC uses Python 2/3. It could be a can of worms!

Following the above advice I got the Blinkt working on my OSMC install, I was able to run the simple script and all seemed to be working.

Unfortunately the Kodi Addon that interfaces with the blinkt doesn’t seem to be working, but thats a different problem, thank you for your help.

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