Blinkt on Raspberry Pi Pico

Hi, has anyone got the Pimoroni Blinkt to work with MicroPython on the Pico ?
I’ve asked this question in a couple of forums on other sites and some people say the Blinkt uses 5v logic and would damage the Pico others aren’t sure if the Blinkt is an ic2 or SPI device.

Thanks in advance

It uses 3.3v logic as that’s what a Pi uses. If it used 5v logic it would damage a Pi. It does use 5v for power though.
It doesn’t use i2c or SPI, you need a PICO library for APA-102 LEDs. Adafruit may have one that will work in Circuit Python.
Or find a PICO base etc that also uses those LED’s, and maybe use its library in Micro Python for the Blinkt.

Blinkt! at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

Thanks for the quick response.
I thought that would be the case for the logic but as the Blinkt connects to the data & clock pins on the Pi I thought it might be SPI

A lot of the Pimoroni blinky things do use SPI, just not this one.
SPI at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout