Blinkt pinout issue

Hi, I have just received 2 shiny new blinkt pcb’s and tested them both on my RPI 3, all good.

For my project I want these remote from the RPI so I connected the blinkt to the RPI with four wires 5V Pin2, Gnd Pin6, clock GPIO23 and data GPIO24 - NOTHING no lights no burning.
Rechecked wiring, tried blinkt on RPI header all OK.

It turns out that Pin2 5V on the blinkt does not work, plug power into Pin4 and all is well.
I tried this on both blinkt boards with the same result.

Thought I should share this as most of the diagrams I have seen use pin2

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You’re correct! I just checked the board data on the latest revision and physical pin 2 is completely isolated.

I’ll have to add physical pin 4, since there was a minor revision to Blinkt! that must have changed this without me realising however there are still earlier Blinkt! boards that do use pin 2.

Thanks for pointing this out.

I’ve added the second power pin as a requirement for now:

Might add a note in the body text to explain that only one of them is needed, but a little trial and error would be required to find it!