Blinkt! Pinout

Hi. Can I confirm that the Blinkt! Pins are

4 (+5v)
6 (GND)
16 (GPIO23) and
18 (GPIO24) as per

I’m trying to use it without a header due to space requirements and I can’t get it to work. It’s fine when hooked up to the header so no idea what I’m doing wrong!


That looks correct based on the pinout. They only show the one ground pin used, but you could try connecting some of the others? bad jumper maybe?
The LED Shim for example uses two separate grounds and if I only connect one of them it doesn’t work. They do show them both in the pinout though. Maybe they missed on with the Blinkt?

Yeah I’ve taken to soldering directly onto the small legs at the connector and it’s still not working using those pins. It (still) works when connected so it’s incase there’s been a change at some point to the pinout and they’ve used different 5v or GND pins and haven’t connected them all.

Just for reference - it dosent work when using these wires. It does when hooked up properly. The wires have been changed and these ones checked for continuity and work fine. I’m stumped.

Issue solved - it’s an early Blinkt! That had the 5v hooked up to Pin 2. Thanks to the support crew on Twitter!

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Ah, that would explain it, now you can have some fun with it. I have mine on my Pi 4B showing CPU temp.