Pi zero w and blinkt

I bought a pi zero w and a blinkt a few months ago. I set up the blinkt and ran the code that is in the getting started with the blinkt tutorial and it worked fine. I went to run the code again the other day but it never worked. The code ran fine but the blinkt never lit up. Can anyone please help?

Have you unplugged and replugged the Blinkt! since the last time you used it, is it pressed firmly down and in the right orientation?

Yeah, I’ve unplugged and replugged it in and checked the position of it. Could the blinkt be broken?

You could blink the relevant GPIO24 pin with another LED. Just a belated thought. Rgds.

It’s possible that it’s broken, but unlikely! It’s not a very complex board. Have you changed anything on your Pi since you last used the Blinkt!, that might be interfering with the software? Processes running in the background, or overlays in your /boot/config.txt can potentially cause this.

I haven’t used the pi at all since the blinkt worked.