Bluish Hyperpixel 4

I got my new Hyperpixel 4 late last week and set it up using the instructions/installer on your website. Everything looked great but then the image turned to a blue tint. I tried reseating the Hyperpixel a few times with the same result. I then ran an Raspbian update…still a blue tint. Finally, I reran the installer and got the same tint.

The funny thing is the screen looks great (nice, bright whites) on the boot sequence and as Raspbian initially loads. It then quickly turns a lighter blue/green tint and then switches to the darker blue tint finally. I’ve checked the pin connections and don’t see an issue there.

Thoughts on the next step? Thanks

i dont have one of these screens ,but i have had this happen on other LCD i have with driver boards and ribbon connections and I find its usually with the connection causing it

That was my initial thought also. However, no reseating of the connections resolves the issue.

Your explanation points to some Python code or other service running on startup and taking over some of the GPIO pins required for the Red channel. If it were a hardware flaw, the blue tint would be evident right from the rainbow screen at very first reboot (which you only see if you reboot mind, since that shows before the hyperpixel-init code has run) Make sure you’ve disabled any other software you might be running that’s using the GPIO.

Thanks, I will give that a shot and report back here.

I think the issue is related to an Adafruit LED Matrix driver that I installed earlier. It’s kind of difficult to remove, so I created a new Raspbian image on a card and tried the Hyperpixel. It works great now.

Thank you for your help.

I’m surprised there wasn’t a simple way to remove it- but as long as you’re up and running, all’s well! Happy hacking.