HyperPixel Color problems

Hi, I’m having problems with my HyperPixel not showing the proper colors. The screen has an overall tint of green, and when picking a color from a color wheel (in a Raspbian LXTerminal preferences) it’s looks like the colors that are sent to the display are not in the format that the display is expecting.

Take a look

I know it looks like the white balance is wrong; I can assure you that it is not. The screen really is that “green-skewed.”

I installed this by cloning the GitHub repo and running setup.sh.

I see that the current dpi_display_options is 0x6f016 - is that correct?

Here’s another example of the color issue. This is a single photo, of two displays, at the exact same moment in time, held directly adjacent to each other, and cropped to the relevant area. On the left is a monitor without any color issues. On the right is the HyperPixel. Same command run in both cases, came output expected.

On the HyperPixel, the 16 system colors that should be shown, instead show 8 colors, none of which are correct. The color cubes, all six of which should show 36 different colors, each show 4 different colors, the first four squares are identical to each other, and the last two are identical to each other as well.

A potential clue is the grayscale bar at the bottom. It should show about 24 different shades of gray. It shows 2…

So, something is up, and I am not sure what.


So, I think if no one has had any issues similar to mine that maybe my unit is faulty.

I don’t know. This thing is unusable, right now.

This sounds like it may be a problem with the ribbon cable. It’s worth shutting down your Pi completely, unplugging power, removing the HyperPixel and then reseating the cable connection on the rear of the HyperPixel.

If that still doesn’t fix the problem, then drop an email to support@pimoroni.com and we can arrange a replacement to be sent out to you.

Will do. I’ll post here with results either way.

update: still green.

Drat! Pop an email to support@pimoroni.com and we’ll get you fixed up!

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I have the same problem. Reseating the ribbon did not help.
I noticed that during start up the colors are OK for a short time.
Can it be that the fanshim is interfering? (I have mounted the fan shim and left out one support pillar, also installed the SW for the shim)

Also the orientation of the display is portrait mode not landscape.

Ok I did some playing around. The fanshim does interfere with the hyper display. Removing the fanshim and disabling the SW made the colors appear OK.
Wish Raspbian “Screen layout editor” I was able to configure both the HDMI and the DSI screen.

The next problem is the set up and alignment of the touchscreen.

I got the setting for the display running OK.
The problem is still the touchscreen.

I did some more trying around…
With two screens (1 HDMI and one Hyperpixel) It is possible to configure the screens.
The resolution of the Hyperpixel is fixed. The rotation can be changed.

I tried out by placing the hyperpixel as a second screen next to the HDMI screen.

Starting up without the HDMI screen, the Hyperpixel is promoted to the main screen and placed in portrait mode. Then the touchscreen is OK.

Restarting the Pi with HDMI screen and Hyperpixel, makes the HDMI the main screen and the Hyperpixel next to it in portrait mode. The touchscreen is wrong and placing the cursor on the main screen!!!
When starting with Hyperpixel only and then rotating the Hyperpixel in screen configuration makes the touchscreen also completely wrong.

To me (I am not a programmer) it looks that the touchscreen drivers do not take in account the screen settings as set by the screen configuration utility in Raspbian.

Hope this will be corrected soon.

I got the same yellow issue. Where do you remove fanshim and disabling the SW?

Hallo Nosferatie

The fanshim is another product sold by Pimoroni, and provides an easy to mount fan on the Pi. It uses some of the GPIO pins, and obviously interferes with pins that the hyperpixel need. Just removing the fanshim or any other device that uses GPIO pins might solve your color problem as well.

You can disable the Fan SHIM service (which can cause the strange Hyperpixel colours) with:

sudo systemctl stop pimoroni-fanshim.service
sudo systemctl disable pimoroni-fanshim.service


I have the same green issue. What should be black / dark grey is green. When the screen blanks it’s green.

I have nothing much else connect to the Pi, only power and a usb stick.

Any solution ?

Thanks to Pimoroni now fixed. I was using GPIO inputs.

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i alsow have the greenish problem but nothing ells connected
what waws your solution GT777

anyone ells has some tips been googleing and reading forums with no luck

Same problem here. Just a pi 3B+ and pi camera. Running current rev of Raspberry PI OS Lite. It starts out looking good, black is black during the boot sequence but as soon as it finishes the boot sequence it goes green. No other apps or cron jobs etc.

Same here. Shortly after loading the desktop, the screen switches to a lower color depth:

Initial screen:

2s later:

Weird colours on Hyperpixel usually mean that something else is trying to use the GPIO at the same time - probably the STEMMA connector on the Cyberdeck. It’s possible to desolder a component on the Cyberdeck to disable the connector if you want to use it with Hyperpixel?

Hi @hel, I would be happy to desolder the diode as I have no use for the STEMA connectors. However, the left connector on GPIO 18 is for LCD chip select.

As my display generally works, albeit with a greenish tint and reduced colors, I supect that I would have to disable the other connector on GPIO 13, used for Green 3 on the Hyperpixel.

Nobody has suggested doing that, so would it make sense at all?