Hyperpixel pinky colours


My hyperpixel touch 4 was working great but has all of a sudden developed a pinky tinge to the display. This is a fresh legacy buster OS install on a pi zero 2 W.

I have reseated the display cables to no avail.

Anyone have any other ideas?


So it appears to be the pi that is the problem. I swapped the hyperpixel onto an old pi2 I have along with the SD card and it works without issue.

So now my question changes to what could be causing this issue on the pi?

Sorted it, it was a result of my poor solder skills a couple of the headers solder joints had come off/gone loose. A quick resolder and all is good.

Thanks for posting the solution when you found it.

Usually, the more you do it (soldering) the better you get at it. Looking at a guide doesn’t hurt either. It’s not as easy to do as it might appear.

Best guess is you lost a color.
Hyperpixel4 at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout