Hyperpixel 4 Image ghosting and brighter segments when using touch

I’m having some issues with my hyperpixel 4 screen, it was working fine until i removed it so i could fit the pi in a pibow coupe case.

The display looks like it is ghosting and when applications are running on hte desktop they appear whited out slightly. Any ideas on what might be the cause and a possible solution.

I’m not discounting that i’ve knocked something when removing and refitting.

Thanks in adbance.

I’d remove it one more time and have a good look see at the back side.
Do you have a booster header in between it and your Pi?
You may need one to get a good contact with the GPIO if the display is right up against the top layer of the Pibow case.

I do have the booster header and use the standoffs. I’m suspecting that i possibly disturbed the ribbon connectors.
This person posted an image which shows roughtly what i see except mine has some white banding.

I don’t own one but those look like the ones on the Pi for DSI and CSI, just bigger.
If your careful you should be able to unlock the locking bar, reinsert the cable and lock it down again. Disclaimer, this is one of those do so at your own risk. I’m just going by the product page pictures.

I think i will try that in the morning, it will do for now even with the display oddities, got to love the fiddly ribbon cables. Thanks for your input.

The ones on the Pi will come out with a tug. The locking bar is usually unlocked when this happens. Been there done that. It can be a PITA depending on the case and what access you have to CSI or DSI connector.

I did get a chance to disconnect and reconnect these this afternoon. Unfortunately the fault is still apparent but it’s fine for now.

I probably should have mentioned this earlier but be careful not to pull or push on the glass part, the screen itself. You only want to mess with the main circuit board, the rigid bit the screen is mounted to. According to the product page anyway.
Maybe have a good side on look at things to see if something has shifted and or separated or something? Does the touch still work OK? Maybe its lifted up or something?

The touch screen appears to be fine, I think I probably damaged it when removing and refitting. If certainly by another for final use and keep this as a dev board

One last thing to try, if you want, is to remove the Pibow case, and the booster header. Go back to how it was before the last change you made that resulted in the current issue.
If it goes back to normal you’ll know you didn’t damage the screen.

EDIT: You may be able to get it to work without the booster header by just leaving out that one top clear layer of the Pibow. Your really only wanting to protect the bottom of the Pi anyway. The screen has the top covered.