HyperPixel 4 Square Issues - Ghosting/Scrolling

I suspect I received a faulty HyperPixel 4, but I’m looking for confirmation/support on this.

I am getting image ghosting that is bad enough that the retained image appears even if just booting up a Raspberry Pi without a microSD card insertedf.
I have tested it on 2 Raspberry Pi 4’s and one Raspberry Pi 3.

I followed the Pimoroni HyperPixel 4 setup guides:

I’m also getting a rolling scanline effect similar to when you record a CRT monitor.
I’ve also had broken/repeating lines on the screen.

Please see attached photos.
The image with a faint landscape is the ghosting issue.
The second image occurred when I shutdown my Raspberry Pi.

Hopefully getting some confirmation here will help me get this unit replaced with the distributor I purchased it from.

Thank you

Here is the second image showing a weird screen issue that occurred when I shutdown the Raspberry Pi 4 it was connected to

Is it making a good connection with the GPIO header?
I think I’d try it with the Pi outside the case.
Are you unplugging the power supply after shutdown?

Thank you for the reply alphanumeric.

GPIO header is fully inserted. I also tried with another known working GPIO header extender and I’m experiencing the same results.

The first image is the only time it was connected to a Raspbery Pi with a case, and that case bottom doesn’t interfere with the GPIO extender.

That picture was also taken after reconnecting the screen and turning the Raspberry Pi on that morning. The screen had been off and completely disconnected for more than 8 hours.

And, yes, I always unplug the power supply after powering down my Raspberry Pis.
I have a couple power supplies that have a proper power switches that completely disconnects power.

Ok, was just covering the most obvios gotchas.