So I received my Hyperpixel 4.0 yesterday. I have tried several different avenues to approach this, however, it doesn’t seem that my display operates correctly.

I have set up an account with DAKboard, so I can display calendar entries on this HyperPixel. I follow all the steps to the letter, and when it reboots, it is a black screen. When I touch the screen, on occasion, it will show the desktop, only on the side I touch. Seems to happen more on the side of the GPIO pins. When I say it shows the desktop, I say this sparingly. In that, it is extremely compressed and doesn’t have anything resembling proper scaling. Then this “ghost” of the desktop disappears.

I have flashed, Jessie, Stretch, and Buster images at it. Tried different Rpi boards, a 3, 3B+. Not trying one of my 4s. They are occupied.

Please help.

Which kind of HyperPixel 4 (regular or square)

It is the Square version.

I would think you’d have the best chance of success with a 3B or 3B+ with Stretch. I don’t know about Pimoroni, but a lot of retailers seem to be playing catch up with Buster getting what worked before to now work on the new Pi and New OS. It happens pretty well every time a new big release happens.

EDIT, Hyperpixel firmly seated / attached to the GPIO?

its been awhile since i used DAKboard ,seems to me there was a config file edit to get it to fit what ever screen you are using, as i said it been awhile ,and my memory doesn’t really last that long ,so i could be wrong

The square is 720x720 pixels if that helps.

@alphanumeric I apologize, it’s on a 3B. I know about the catchup game with Buster and the new 4. Yes it is seated well, with the provided stand-off screws.

@Caperjack1953 While I don’t disagree with your statement, it just seems that the only way I can get it to display anything besides a black screen, is with physical interaction. Even then, it is only a small sliver of the screen, everything that would be on the desktop is compressed down into that sliver. Even then, it’s very sporadic and goes away in a split-second.

hummm, i suppose if you had another hdmi display you would have already tried it to see if it works on it.

i just went to the site and signed in and chose a basic screen and it shows on the left side 7.5 inches of my 20 incd wide monitor ,the remainder is black screen

also just logged into dakboard on my official pi 7" screen and it went full ,so me thinks yours should default to full screen also …

So the problem isn’t that it doesn’t go full screen, it’s not displaying anything at all.

I think I have seen this happen. I’ve also got a square Hyperpixel and when I had it hooked up to an RPi 3A+ the things mentioned are similar. Basically the picture seems to be compressed at the top of the display (near the GPIO pins). Sometimes the picture expands downward a little bit with some flickering, or sometimes it is black altogether.

I don’t recommend doing the following, but, while I was messing with the unit, I touched the GPIO from the bottom of the Pi near the voltage pins and the picture immediately expanded to fill the display. Removing my hand caused it to go back to a black/smashed screen.
I’m not certain what was going on here. I made sure the GPIO connection was secure with the extension and everything.

I eventually gave up and connected the Hyperpixel to a 3B+. After a fresh Buster install and an update to fix color banding on the Hyperpixel that was just recently released, I was suggested to rerun the installer script. It works perfectly after that. Perhaps the update may have fixed the vertical squashy display, too? I haven’t had a chance to test it again on the 3A+

I’ve tried again on a 3B+. still no luck.

How do I return this?

Go to the main Shop page. At the bottom of the page is a contact us link. That will let you e-mail Pimoroni directly. I’d put a link to this thread in that e-mail and see what they say.