No image on brand new Hyperpixel4

Hi All,
I just installed a new hyperpixel4, on a brand new Raspi4 4gb. It has the latest version of Buster, and everything else should also be up to date.

Still I get no image, and it seems that the backlight of the panel is off. It turns on when I boot, but after 10-15 seconds in it turns off. I am able to rotate the screen, and it seems as if that the OS sees the screen.

I’ve tried to manually turn the PWM of the appropriate GPIO all the way up. Still no succes. Anyone know what I’m missing?

I’ve used the one-line installer and tried both raspi4 versions.

Thanks in advance!

There seem to be some issues with the newer kernel which you might (?) be on, try the fix Gadgetoid described here.

Aside from that you might get a better response emailing support? support [at]