Hyperpixel 4.0 display distorted

Hi all!

Just for info before I start here,i already sent an email to support@, before noticing this lovely support forum here. Sorry about that, but as someone else might also stumble across the same behavior, I believe it might be worthwhile also posting here.

I have just started integrating (more initial testing, really) the Hyperpixel 4.0 on my 3B+ and Zero W. Both with the same behavior of the screen.
Both Pis have a fresh Raspian install and the Hyperpixel SW from github.

The display fires up on power on, but shows quite a few white lines, that are deriving from bright pixels and are spreading all across horizontally.
They are well seen on the CLI, but also shown on the desktop spreading out e.g. from the cursor.

I am wondering whether this relates to some driver / settings issues, or if there is some hardware faulty (e.g. a cable not 100% secured(. I did look atthe two flex-PCBs, they seem to be correctly in place.

Any ideas?
Many thanks!


Hey Sven. Unfortunately, that looks like a hardware fault. Support should be able to sort you out with a replacement.


many thanks, :-(
I’ll wait for their reply.


If you don’t have to send it back, and its broken anyway, if it was me I’d try reseating the ribbon cable(s). The ones on the back. The big wide one is likely the screen connector and the smaller one the touch interface. I can’t tell if the locking bar lift’s up or out. Sandy @sandyjmacdonald likely knows though. I can’t see it making things any worse, unless you break the locking bar in the process. If its in use, wait till you get the replacement before messing with it. ;)

the locking bars lift up. Which makes handling a lot easier than the ones where you have to pull out and push them back in together with the cable.