Hyperpixel 4.0 with cable

Hi there,

I’ve 3d printed a large case for my pi 4.0. I’m looking to connect the display to the pi via a GPIO cable. I have purchased 2 cables so far but the both end up displaying the top 2 lines of pixel then have it stretched out vertically.over the rest of the screen. This issue is not present when directly connected to the PI. Is this a hardware limitation or is there a fix?

How do you have the cable connected to the Hyperpixel?
I ask because if its a female to female ribbon cable, and you use a male to male header to plug it into the Hyperpixel, odds are you have the pins reversed. Pin 1 is connected to pin 2 and pin 2 to pin 1 etc. The even and odd rows are reversed.
A picture of the Hyperpixel end of the ribbon cable may help.

I used this cable.

I connected it how it is shown in the pictures on the site.

Surely having reversed pins would mean the screen wouldn’t function at all given the pin layout?

No a male to female ribbon cable will not reverse the pins, its the cable you want. More often than not, people will try to use a female to female cable as its the standard cable you’ll find with most searches etc.
Assuming you have it plugged in correctly. The black stripe usually connects to the pin one side of the GPIO.
On the Pi, with the HDMI and power ports facing you, GPIO at the top, pin 1 is on the left.
On the hyperpixel display side up, header on the back facing down, pin 1 should also be on the left.

I would plug that cable in as follows.
Pi with HDMI etc facing you, GPIO at the top. Pin 1 on the left.
Black stripe on the left with the cable going down over the top of the Pi.

Other end facing up, black stripe on the left.
Hyperpixel display facing up with GPIO across the top, same way it would be if plugged into the Pi.

I connected it up as you suggested but the problem persisted.

I believe I will have to return it and try a different display. .

That looks to be correct and it “should” be working. Maybe signal interference and crosstalk between the wires is messing the signaling up?

Thats what I’m thinking. Ive seen displays that are connected to gpio over a cable so it seems that it may be specific to this model of display. Not seen any mention of this issue anywhere else. Ive purchased the 3.5" adafruit display and Ill report back if the issue is present there also.

Yeah, the hyperpixel uses a lot more GPIO pins than most GPIO connected displays. Its the only way they can get that resolution and that refresh rate etc.

Just tested the adafruit display and it works fine. So it seems the hyperpixel displays are not able to be run off a cable.

It sure looks that way. One or moe booster headers may work though.

Unfortunately screen mount is at a right angle to the pi.

soldered to this

and then

Orientate the two headers the right way and you’ll get your 90 degree bend.