Coloured lines on Hyperpixel 4 / Raspberry pi 3b+

Hi there,
I’ve bought an Hyperpixel 4 for my raspberry 3b+, first installation ok, everything looks great.
Today i’ve decided to use it on another raspberry pi 3b+, new installation of “Raspbian Buster with desktop and recommended software”, i’ve followed the same installation than before but now i have horizontal lines on the screen and i can’t do anything…
The lines are moving a bit, the colours are changing but it stays like this.

Do you have an idea?


Was the other install also Raspbian Buster?
I think I’d power down, remove the screen, and reattach it just to make sure its not a connection issue.

I would also suggest retrying it, if possible, with the first (working) Raspberry Pi.
Just to double-check.
If it still has lines then the problem is with the display.
If its OK on the old Pi then its an issue on the “new” Pi.

@alphanumeric hey ^^ No it was an ooold one, a year or two. the hyperpixel slept from that date to now, only use 30min and then back in its box.
Unfortunately i’ve tryed a lot of times to remove/reattach, same problem…

@neilman yop, i don’t have it anymore.
This new one is working perfectly with recalbox, not sure it’s the problem

I would try a raspbian older than Buster ,not saying it will make any difference,just saying that’s what I would do ,good luck

You can get the older versions of Raspbian here.
It’s a bit of work but if you try Stretch or Jessie and it works, you know the hardware is good and its a software / OS issue. If the screen still doesn’t work its most likely a hardware issue.

Thank you all for your help!

Well, i’ve tried with jessie and it won’t boot, i stay on the first “raspberry multicolored screen” and nothing happens (thanks @alphanumeric for the link :) )

. tried ssh : not working
. with last raspbian buster : not working
. buster lite version : not working
. jessie : won’t boot

buster and buster lite are working fine if i plug the raspberry on my TV, but on the hyperpixel it keep showing these horizontal lines …

It couldn’t be broken, i’ve only used it one time!
It’s driving me crazy !!! xD

I could have sworn Jessie was usable on a 3B+? Stretch is for sure usable on a 3B+. As is Buster. Actually, I’m almost positive I ran Jessie on one of my 3B+'s.

If you only applied force to the circuit board, and not to the screen section, during removal and install it shouldn’t be broken from moving it from one Pi to the other.
The only other electronics killer is ESD, electro static discharge…