HyperPixel colour depth


Just installed my Hyperpixel screen. Everything went well with the install.
However the range of colours isn’t good. The range of colours that the screen is showing reminds me of EGA graphics.

Is there a way to change the colour depth?



Hi there Andrew,
The display should be showing it’s maximum 18-bits of colour as stated on the store page if it has been set up correctly and sent to you undamaged! Could you maybe post an image of what your display looks like?
Also, could you double check that all of the pins are firmly in place and have good solder joints, just to be on the safe side. :)

There was a similar issue not long ago here, have a go at the fix: HyperPixel Color problems

If that doesn’t solve your problem, drop an email to support@pimoroni.com and they may be able to help you (maybe mention this thread so they can see an image of your issue; they may have a fix).


sorted!!! I unplugged the ribbon cable and pluggedit back in!


Glad to hear it’s working now! Any more issues and the forum will be happy to help. :)