BME680 Breakout on Python3 error

im still new with the whole, still i don’t get my BME680 breakout to run
When i follow the instruction on Pimoroni i get an error in Installing for Python 3

and of course the whole don’t run in Python 3, but the exmaple only on python2
Any solution to that?
i want to integrate the breakout in a Python3 program…which has errors if i run it in python2…

Thank you

Here the error i get while installing the Python3 package…
i hope somebody can help
Thank you

BME680 error

Ah this is because pip is fantastically brilliant at totally breaking itself. I don’t know how it gets into this state, but when I last had this issue I fixed it with:

sudo apt purge python3-pip
sudo easy_install3 pip

I think it’s related to the fact the Pi still ships with an antique version of pip, and if a newer package version of anything that pip depends on gets installed it’ll just break as demonstrated.

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