BME680 - new board version?

Hi - new here - have just taken delivery of my first Raspberry pi and a BME680 module that I want to use to monitor temp remotely. Pi is running fine but when I went solder up the BME680 I tried to follow the “Getting Started” instructions and noticed that my module is slightly different to the one in the pics but more importantly, the labels for the I/O pins are reversed when compared with the ones shown on the instructions. I don’t want to get this wrong - if the labels on my board are correct the component would face the centre of the Pi and the processor heat! Help please!

I have one of the original ones shown in the get started. The pinout is the same as the new one except as you observed the board is flipped 180. So yes, the component side will be facing the Pi. It’s going to get hot anyway and read high (temperature) if you plug it right onto the GPIO. Your better off using jumper cables to put some distance between the Pi and the BME680.

Thanks - as long as the markings are correct, I can plug it in with confidence for testing and then move it onto jumper cable to improve accuracy…

The markings are correct so have fun. =)

It seems insane, but there was a good reason for this change which will become apparent sooooon!

Since thermal coupling is such an issue through the GPIO itself- heat from the Pi’s ground plane gets coupled into the sensor- the direction its facing probably makes little to no difference.

I’m thinking I will have to keep an eye out on the “New” products page. =)

I agree, I don’t think it will matter which way its pointing, you’ll still get some heat soak. It will just maybe happen a little quicker if the sensor is facing the Pi’s CPU. Having the Pi in a case may even make it worse. The heat will slip out the gap / hole where the GPIO header exits the case. Right at the BME680 if you have it stacked right on the GPIO pins