Envio+ BME280 temperature and humidity fault

Hi there, I’ve had an Enviro+ running Lufdaten.py for nearly two years, but in Feb 2023 the temperature is permanently reporting -143°C and 100% rh. The other particulate readings all look fine. It’s not a problem with the script as I’ve tried the other example scripts too with the same result

Has anyone else had this problem?
Can anything be done?
I’ve so far seen bme280 replies that say it can be cleaned but I can see any obvious damage to the actual sensor itself. Is it possible to attach another bme280 to the gpio port on the board or does the whole Enviro+ board need replacing, which I expect will need a new sensor set up on the Luftdaten website?

You can add a second BME280 to i2c. You, just have to make sure it uses a different address than the one on the board. According to the pinout its using

The Pimoroni BME280 has an address select jumper on the back. That will let you set it to 0x77 instead of the default 0x76. You will also have to edit your py file so it uses 77 instead of 76.
bme280 = BME280(0x77)

Thanks, that looks like a plan. I’ll give it a go once I’ve ordered the new bme280

One more thought, is it possible to take the bme280 off the Enviro+ board or to physically disable it? The bme280 sensor itself looks like it’s on a section of the board that could be broken off

You don’t need to remove it. With the code change posted above, its just ignored. The readings will be taken from the other BME280.

Received the new bme280 (great service from Pimoroni) altered the code and all working now.

Thanks for the help:⁠-⁠D


That’s good to hear. =)