BME680 object instantiation error


Does the exception raised by the following statement imply that the BME680 module is not being detected:

sensor = bme680.BME680()

The import statement for the module bme680 ran without any error. I must have done a hack job at soldering the pins to the BME680 board. I’m using BME680 connected to a working RPi0W through solderless headers. The pins are slotted correctly per documentation.

gpio readall reports the following:

BCM Name Mode V
2 SDA.1 ALT0 1
3 SCL.1 ALT0 1
4 GPIO.7 IN (presumably unused)

Any guidance will be appreciated. Thanks.

Not necessarily, there are a couple of things the error could indicate, but I’d need to see the full error text to know which!


  • i2c not enabled on the Pi, so /dev/i2c* is missing
  • Failure to communicate with the BME680 due to a wiring issue

Here are two screen shots in response to your suggestions:

  • RPi interfaces (as set on the RPi0W)
    RPi interfaces
  • i2cdetect output
  • board mount (apologies for the poor picture quality)

I’ve never uploaded pictures in this manner. If the uploads do not work, I’ll send a zip file later upon request.

Thanks again. Regards.

Apologies for the multiple posts but I’m apparently limited to a single upload per post. So here is the i2cdetect output separately.


I’ll skip the board mount picture (but the soldered joints look “satisfactory” based on amateur inspection).


Sorry for the false alarm! I re-seated the board and voila!

bme680 read-all

I’m getting readings!! The “non-issue” is resolved. Thanks for your understanding and prompt assistance. Regards.

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No worries! And happy hacking!