BME688 sensor libraries not working

Hi, I’ve used Pimoroni enviro+ boards without much problem, but I am finding the BME688 boards just don’t work. I do have pi3g addon board that worked for a while, but the Bosch libraries for that are now failing. I was concerned with the move to Bosch, pretending that a sensor that can tell the difference between coffee and fresh air is any use is a stretch. I also have the Bosch board with 8 sensors on, that can ‘learn’ what coffee smells like much faster, but I suspect that will now have stopped working. I had already decided that multiple interacting sensors on a small chip was a ridiculous idea, I’m now going back to individual sensors that can be separated sufficiently to avoid the massive problem of trying to compensate for interdependence on 4 sensors. If anyone has BSEC_2.0.6.1_Generic_Release_04302021/algo/normal_version/bin/RaspberryPi/PiThree_ArmV6, running I’d like to hear about it.