Broken/ smashed Hyperpixel fix

Hi All,
I thought I’d share something I found as It may help people who have broken their Hyperpixel screen due to rough handling rather than a manufacturing fault. Obviously a cracked screen wouldn’t be covered by warranty and nor should it.

I damaged my screen on a project I was working on so I ordered a new Hyperpixel just so I could complete the project but once it was completed I though I’d try to find out what LCD panel was being used so I could try to repair the broken unit. I don’t like wasting things. :)

After tearing it apart and googling the numerous numbers on the back of the panel I found that it’s the same panel that’s used in the Samsung ST1000 camera. like the one below.

The reason I’m posting this is just to save some people a bit of money, a new screen is about 1/4 the price of a new hyperpixel and also stop people from throwing their salvageable hyperpixels in to landfill.