Hyperpixel question for the team. Glass cover possible?

hey there gents. I’m planning on putting my hyperpixel into a nice case of some sort and would love to have a solid glass face. is there a thickness of glass or a type of glass that I could use to both cover, and protect the hyperpixel without having it lose capacitance? Check my project topic if you want to know more about my plans

Since it’s possible to get at the raw touch values for the display, you might be able to re-calibrate the Python touch driver to work through a thin layer of glass, but I wouldn’t count on it. Unfortunately I’ve not got such a layer to hand for testing, nor any third party data that would give me a clue. This is definitely something you can only really find out with trial/error.

thanks @gadgetoid I’ll check some of these out and report back after my testing. I know the digitizers on like iphones are behind a lot of the glass. maybe I’ll try a replacement iphone screen or maybe just a “screen protector” type glass front. Either way, I’ll let you know what I find out when I get there

I think you may find that the HyperPixel digitizer is crude compared to the iPhone one, but it’s definitely possible to calibrate it somewhat- so you could get some leeway.